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This piece of work is from the portfolio of The Site Designer. It is intended for private use and is an extension of a final college project Named in my final semester to my instructor to publish this work in various mediums. It should be noted, and any questions as to any content and use of any materials in it's production should be referenced as protected under the educational provisionary statutes extended in The Fair Use Laws of Imminent Domain. The photographic images displayed and the audio tracks/music and lyrics used in the soundtrack are copyrighted works. Their use in the presentation is covered under Imminent Domain. This is a private piece from the personal portfolio of this website's designer. INQUIRIES or concerns should be addressed to myself with "#ATTN: WEBMASTER" appropriately placed in the subject heading of your query . The invitations to view, and link to the same is offered as an invitation to view the work by friends, family and the extended networks of This Designer, and of Livingstone Fagan, without whom this site would have been impossible.

Distribution in part or in whole, is not allowed.

Please, by all means, view the work, enjoy it, reflect on it, but I implore you to respect the spirit in which it is being shared with you now, and ask that you do not distribute the same. Thank you. --WebMaster